Welcome to Efficient Virtual Assistant Services

Efficient Virtual Assistant Services sells custom business support services that save businesses time, money and frustration by creating and implementing custom tools, processes and training to increase efficiency and organization.

At EVAS, we pride ourselves on attention to the details. By looking at how your business is currently doing things we can develop a plan to increase your workflow and organization, leading to increased efficiency. By increasing how efficient your business operates, you can redirect wasted time and resources, and increase your profits.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is the equivalent of an executive assistant. Virtual Assistants are set up to work remotely and for multiple clients.

Opened laptop on table of office worker

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

1) You are busy working IN your business and are struggling to keep up with working ON your business.

2) Your business is doing a major project.

3) To repair or create the tools you need to manage your business.

4) Workspace organization to electronic process organization, we can create a system that works the best for your business.

5) Hire a VA to determine what you need for an online presence to compete with others and the best way to accomplish it.

What We Offer

Business Efficiency Review
Business Management
Graphic Design
Creating Custom Business Tools, Processes and Training
Social Media Creation & Management
Website Creation and Management