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Our vision for Efficient Virtual Assistant Service is to be the “go to” for other business owners when they need help with all the other things required to keep their business successful.  Often a business owner starts their business because they are passionate about their “craft” but soon discover that they are not equipped to manage all the other things like payroll, marketing, bookkeeping, client management, invoicing, etc.  Many feel that since they are the owner, it is up to them to do it all, but we intend to show them that it doesn’t have to be that way.  They can afford to get the help they need to keep their business successful while also reducing their stress and frustration and keeping their passion for their craft.  Even if you seem to be managing on your own, contact us today for your no obligation consultation to see how we can help you get back to enjoying what you do.  After all, that’s why you started this business isn’t it?

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About Me

I have always had passion for making things work better and faster.  After completing my Office Administration Diploma in 2000, I went on to work for Cobra Maintenance (contractor for Shell Canada Inc.)  My first position was admin support for a complete plant turnaround at the Shell Canada Caroline Gas Plant.  I absolutely LOVED it.  The fast paced, high stress environment pushed me to think on my feet and find faster, more efficient ways to do things.  My reputation from that position led me to the front desk position, still with Cobra Maintenance, still contracted to Shell Canada but at the Jumping Pound Gas Plant as the front desk receptionist. I had to learn the job very quickly as the current receptionist was taking a promotion one week after my start date.  Once I had things figured out, I started to make changes and increase efficiency in the role. With the extra time I created, I was able to learn various other office positions to be back up support while others were away. The experience and knowledge I gained while learning additional roles led me to my dream job as a project management administrator during a major plant turnaround and equipment upgrade. My passions for project management, problem solving, and organization are what motivated me to start Efficient Virtual Assistant Services. I love getting to know my clients while looking for ways to make them more successful. I never get tired of their reactions when I show them that even with paying me, they can still save money while freeing up time and reducing stress and frustration.  With a busy family at home, working as a virtual assistant allows me to be accessible to my clients while remaining active in my community and with my family.