People that own businesses in small towns are a unique type of people.  They have chosen to operate in a location that has a limited number of customers so that they can offer that “small town service”.  But if everyone in a small town is offering “small town service” how do you stand out?  What can you do that is different enough for YOU to be the one they call first.

1. High Standards

Sell only top-quality products or services.  Your small-town customers need to trust that purchasing from your business will get them the best value for their money.  The process needs to be smooth and hassle free and the product purchased, or service completed needs to be high quality and offer a sense of security for your customer.  If a problem occurs, you need to be quick and helpful in getting a resolution for your customer.  By doing this, you are showing them why they want to buy from your business instead of your bigger competitors from the larger communities.

2. Catch Brand

Choose colors, fonts and graphics that flow well together.  Your brand and Olds web design needs to stand out but for the right reasons.  Include simple graphics that show up repeatedly so that they become recognizable by your potential customers.  Consistency and repetition are the most important things to consider when promoting your brand.  You need people to remember your business and what you are offering so when they need your services, YOU are the one that stands out in their mind most.

3. Create detailed client files

Show your customers that you value them and create the loyal customer base you need.  Keep a summary of past products or services they have bought as well as some personal details that you can use to create a connection and build a relationship.  By having lots of information about your clients, you will have more opportunities to make a personal connection and creating that loyal customer base you need to stand out in a small town. This is something a local virtual assistant in Olds could help you with.

4. Organization

Your business needs to be organized.  If it’s not organized, hire someone to organize it and keep it organized.  Customers will lose faith in your ability to provide the product or services they need if it looks like you can’t manage your business.  Disorganization leads to losing things, forgetting things, missed deadlines and much more.  Create your organizational procedures in the beginning when you have more time to work ON your business so that once you are busy working IN your business, everything runs smoothly.

5. Include your personality

Chances are in a small town; your customer knows you from other places than your business.  Maybe your kids go to school together or maybe you are on the same beer league hockey team.  Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your business.  In a small town, people are not hiring a plumber.  They are hiring John the plumber that they play hockey with.

If you do these 5 things well, your business will stand out in a small town.  By building a strong foundation of loyal customers, your business growth potential will be limitless.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and in a small town, your business will be the talk the town.