*Presentations *Word Documents *Spreadsheets *Databases
*Graphics *Marketing *Logos *Graphics
*Online Contests *Meme’s *Online Surveys *Automations

Business Templates

*Newsletters *Emails *Forms *Contracts

Promotional Material

*Business Cards *Brochures *Flyers *Gifts


Organize & Automate

*Spreadsheets *Databases *Email *Scheduling
*Business Management *Team Management *Task Management Data


*Calendar Management *Project Management

Electronic Files

*Drop Box *One Drive *iCloud *Google Drive


Social Media & Web Design

*Content Creation *Content Scheduling *Marketing
*Website Design *Website Maintenance

Website Creation

Money Management

*Invoicing *Square Account set up and management *Bookkeeping
*Payroll Services *PayPal Account set up and management *Data entry



*Track and analyze customer feedback *Business Efficiency Review


Programs & Applications

*Excel *Access *Word *PowerPoint *Publisher
*Contacts *Teams *Calendar *Bookings *Forms
*Acrobat Reader *Spark *Illustrator *InDesign *Photoshop
*Canva *Gmail *Outlook *Yahoo *Trello
*E-Clincher *Later *Google *Explorer *Fire Fox
*Click-Up *Drop Box *One Drive *iCloud *Zoom


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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • You need help with specific areas of your business for a few hours a month.
  • You have someone to manage your day to day, but they are inexperienced in spreadsheets, databases, email, etc. so you hire an expert to set it up and teach your staff how to use it.
  • You have a large project coming up and you need additional support short term.
  • You need office supplies and equipment but don’t know what to buy or where to buy it.
  • You don’t have time to work ON your business because you are too busy working IN your business.
  • You would like one person coordinating multiple services such as social media management, bookkeeping, accounting, insurance, HR, etc.
  • You don’t have the physical office space for an assistant.
  • You are able to do it but it takes soooo long and you don’t really like to do it.
  • You are missing out on opportunities because you are unorganized and not able to seize them as the come along.
  • Clients view you as scattered and unprepared.
  • It takes you a long time to invoice your clients and get paid.
  • You need to expand.
  • You are a small business that wants to compete with larger businesses in your industry.
  • You are looking for a faster, more efficient way to do things in your business.
  • You need to streamline your business processes to save time and money.
  • You are constantly losing important information, missing deadlines and feeling overwhelmed.
  • You know that social media and websites are important tools for advertising and showing relevance in your business, but you don’t know the first thing about them.
  • You are on a limited budget and want to receive maximum value for the money you spend.
  • You would enjoy having more free time to make memories with your friends and family.
  • You need help with something but don’t really know with what.